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About us

About us

In 2005, Etoile Group founder Ingie Chalhoub opened Etoile La boutique – the first of its kind luxury multi brand store in the region. Not long after the inception Etoile La Boutique became a one-stop destination for fashion lovers creating waves in the luxury retail industry.

Today, Etoile La Boutique continues to shape the retail industry in the region by providing brands with a platform to reach a wider clientele as the only boutique to operate across the entire GCC region. Today, the brand proudly spans across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Riyadh. Etoile La Boutique offers exclusive and unique brands that every fashion savvy woman desires to accompany her for all aspects of her life, from ready-to-wear collections to shoes, bags, accessories, and exquisite Jewelry. Moreover, Etoile La Boutique recognizes the need for supporting talents with a social message and a purpose. We are proud to house brands that give back to the society, brands that support women empowerment and brands that are focusing on making a conscious effort to become more sustainable. Etoile La Boutique is dedicated to providing the best retail experience, both instore and online.