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Article: Bernadette


Trends and fads may change at the click of a refresh button but for Bernadette & Charlotte de Geyter, nothing trumps the timeless and personal appeal of an heirloom garment. With a vision in mind and a special story to tell, BERNADETTE was launched for the modern day woman wanting to invest in modern day luxury.

Charlotte, like most little girls, began her journey with fashion at a very young age watching her mother dress up. After graduating from Royal Academy in Antwerp and moving to London to achieve her fashion dreams, she realized her true calling maps back to Belgium with her mother. Bernadette and Charlotte sensed a gap in the market for timeless pieces that could be passed on to generations to come and with their shared vision of modern luxury, the dream didn’t seem so far-fetched.

While Charlotte is a natural artist creating hand drawn prints, her mother is an expert on forms that work for women of all ages. However, the real art lies in the seamless fusion of their ideas for creating inspirational and joyful designs. From sleeping in silk pajamas, to throwing a soiree in their lavish dresses, these designs concretize the fact that life truly is a party.

Juggling work with personal relationships can be tough but Bernadette and Charlotte are tougher. “We’re balancing different roles, like mum and daughter, best friends, and colleagues, and we’re making it work in the best possible way. The biggest problem might be that our family will not fail to let us know all we talk about is work outside of work…” reveals Charlotte.

With that being said, her mum is truly her best friend which makes working together on all aspects pleasant and easygoing. Baring their true selves to each other and sharing the same sense of taste and passions creates an unbreakable bond between the two. With a focus on empowering each other and the women who connect with the brand, BERNADETTE truly is an embodiment of the modern-day woman.

Charlotte continues, “My mum has a vision, and so do I. This is what makes us strong, we’re two women of different generations. The fact that we’re two women being the creative directors of the brand, is what makes us strong.” Achieving a balanced power dynamic and mutual respect has and always will be incredibly crucial to them. “It’s important to listen to one another, meet each other in the middle, and have mutual respect.”

Still wondering how deeply you resonate with the brand and its story? Delve into this excerpt of the character sketch of a BERNADETTE woman, in the words of the designer duo themselves:

“She is a modern day muse that inspires other people around her with her sense of style. The BERNADETTE woman is outspoken and straight to the point with a healthy dose of shyness and reservations. She is passionate about art and culture and loves discovering new, young brands that dare to take on the challenge to do it their way. She has a positive outlook on life and always remains optimistic.”

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